FortySevens (474747): A Startpage With Access To A Huge Number Of Useful Sites

474747A startpage is usually meant to provide easy access to the sites and services you use frequently everyday so that you don’t need to type their URLs in the address bar each time. FortySevens or 474747 is one such startpage which is like a directory of the best websites in diverse categories, all on one page, arranged in a grid format for quick search and access. There’s a “choose country” option which has a few major nations in the list and you could get country-specific suggestions of sites under various sections if you use that option. Continue reading


Facebook’s New Service Lets You Listen To Music With Friends

Music is becoming more and more social, right? Well, the folks at Facebook obviously think so. Facebook has just announced a new service which allows users to listen to music with your friends and do so in perfect synchronization. For now, the service only works with Spotify and Rdio, but more services should be added soon. Continue reading

The 5 Best O’Reilly eBooks That Are Free To Download

oreilly ebooksThere are quite a few people who have realised that smartphones, tablets and e-book readers are a great way to store and read technical manuals. It’s not just that these books are not taking up room on the desk. It’s also the fact that they’re on hand when you need to refer to them and easy to get stuck into when you find yourself with an hour spare and realise you could spend a little time learning something useful.

In the tech world, some of the most useful books available are from the O’Reilly collection. So, what could be better for your ebook collection than getting some of these great O’Reilly ebooks for free? Not a lot, really. Continue reading

Change Hard-to-Find Ubuntu Settings Easily With Ubuntu Tweak

ubuntu settings utilityTweak the way Ubuntu behaves, easily. Whether you want to stop Ubuntu from locking your screen or change your 3D desktop settings, Ubuntu Tweak is the easy way to access the Ubuntu settings that are otherwise buried in hard-to-reach places. We profiled Ubuntu Tweak back in 2008, but a lot has changed since then. Ubuntu is over three years older, and even sports a new user interface now called Unity. Continue reading

How To Find Out Who Recently Unfriended You On Facebook

who unfriended me on facebookFacebook lets you do many, many things. Whether you love it or hate it, you can’t deny the fact that it has opened doors to things we previously couldn’t do. But despite its shady reputation regarding anything to do with privacy, there are still some things you can’t do with Facebook.

One of these things, is seeing who deleted you from their friend list. Facebook doesn’t and will probably never let you do that officially. It’s probably true that people deserve the right to unfriend people in privacy, but turning it into such a secret makes the whole thing seem illegitimate. So what if I unfriended someone? People have the right to use Facebook as they see fit, and if someone is hurt because someone else unfriended him, well, that’s tough.

With that in mind, here are two ways to find out who unfriended you on Facebook. Use them wisely. If you don’t think you can handle it, perhaps you are better off not knowing. Continue reading

5 Alternatives To Unity For Ubuntu Users

alternatives to unityWe’ve previously written about Ubuntu’s Unity desktop environment, which we touted as a “big leap forward” for Linux when it was introduced with Ubuntu 11.04. Unity was certainly a big leap in a new direction, but it left a lot of users behind.

Luckily, Linux is all about choice and Ubuntu’s software repositories contain a variety of excellent alternatives to Unity. Each desktop environment you install appears as an option when you click the gear icon on Ubuntu’s login screen. You can install as many as you want and find the one that’s right for you. Continue reading

By Prem Kumar S Posted in Linux

Ubuntu Restricted Extras: The First Thing You Should Install On Ubuntu

things to install on ubuntuInstall Java, Flash, every codec you’ll ever need and much more, all at once. It’s heavily proprietary, but Ubuntu Restricted Extras is probably the first package you should install in Ubuntu.

Are you a new Ubuntu user? You might soon notice that a lot of things don’t work out of the box. You cannot listen to MP3 files or watch most movies; even DVDs. Browsing the web means doing so without Flash and Java, and certain websites don’t look right because the fonts are different. That’s where Ubuntu Restricted Extras comes in. A collection of software Ubuntu can’t legally bundle with Ubuntu, this package is easy to install and makes your computer capable of a staggering number of things. You’ll get Java, Flash, a staggering number of codecs, all the familiar default fonts from Windows and the ability to open RAR files.

Windows users need special tools, such as Ninite, to install this amount of software at once. Ubuntu users need only install one package from their repositories: Ubuntu Restricted Extras. This is probably the first thing you should do with any new installation of Ubuntu, so keep reading if you’re not familiar with it. Continue reading

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Debian vs. Ubuntu vs. Linux Mint: Which Distribution Should You Use?

linux distributionsOne of the hardest questions that every Linux user must answer is which Linux distribution they should use. There are so many out there that it’s become quite ridiculous to a handful of users, while others enjoy the massive variety of how Linux is served. In this case, you really can be picky enough to mimic James Bond with “shaken, not stirred.”

Initial Advice

If you haven’t noticed yet, there are only three distributions that are mentioned in the title, while there are thousands of Linux distributions in existence. Instead of sifting through all of them, we’re only going to look at the top 3 players on the Debian side of Linux (the other side being Fedora/Red Hat/openSUSE). Those, of course, being Debian itself, followed by Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

Continue reading

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3 Ways To Run Android Apps On Windows

Interested in Android? You don’t have to buy a device or go to a physical electronics store (do those still exist?) to try it out. You can run individual Android apps and play with the latest versions of the Android operating system on Windows.

Whether you want to try Android before you buy, experiment with the latest version of Android or sync apps between your Android device and your PC, these Windows programs have you covered. Continue reading